The Blackout – Never By Your Side

The Blackout – Never By Your Side
Release Date: May 30 2011
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Rating: 7/10

The Blackout have never been a band to shy away from their strong opinions and frankly their honest and often blunt approach has served them well over the years.  Unsurprisingly the Merthyr Tydfil mob have continued to stick to their guns and the group’s latest single ‘Never By Your Side’ is as outspoken as ever.

Taken from their third album ‘Hope’, the tune sees the sextet tackle the subject of religion and boldly broadcast their non-beliefs. True to form, the song features the band’s signature interplay between heavy and soft, with gut-wrenching screams and shouts, feisty riffs and vivacious clean vocals all making an appearance.

It is a solid follow-up to predecessor ‘Higher and Higher’ and with its fire-focused music video, it is sure to go down well with fans.

Words: Kate Rees

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