The Adelines – Little Games

The Adelines – Little Games
Release Date: 02/07/2012
Rating: 9/10

Fresh from the Swansea scene, The Adelines are a band that you’ll want to remember, well that is if their debut single ‘Little Games’ is anything to go by.

As far as impeccable introductions are concerned, the track covers all the criteria; inviting, intriguing and more imperatively, it is memorable.

Indeed, the tune comprises of distinct layers, on the surface we’re presented with an upbeat indie-pop band, but scratch a little deeper and you discover bittersweet lyrics.

It is an unexpected concoction, yet the melodic guitars and percussion prove to complement the woeful words of frontwoman Jennie Morris brilliantly.

Sound and style wise, The Adelines are not too dissimilar to Canadians Metric, which is all the more encouraging when you consider how well it has worked for the latter.

‘Little Games’ is a wonderfully refreshing indie-pop anthem, from a group that we are sure (and want) to hear more of.

Words: Kate Rees

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