Set Aside – Not Acceptable In Suburbia

Set Aside – Not Acceptable In Suburbia
Release Date: May 2012
Rating: 6/10

Set Aside certainly make no reservations, as they launch into a relentless allegro that barely pauses for breath.

The tempo is brisk and lively from the outset, with a ten-second guitar and percussion intro preceding Matt Green’s lyrical exordium.

Gang vocals are prominent throughout, with three members of the quintet sharing duties to add that punchy, punk-rock vibe to proceedings. Multiple woah-oh’s will go down well in a live setting too, despite what seems like a little overuse at first.

Whilst there is an abundance of pop-punk dubbed acts nationwide attempting to follow in the footsteps of much bigger names, there is without doubt an element of freshness here that may just help this band to stand out from the saturated crowd in the local scene.

Words: Steven Smith

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