Manhattan Coast – Never Tell Me The Odds

Manhattan Coast – Never Tell Me The Odds
Release Date: 14/05/12
Rating: 9/10

An instrumental opening riff sets the scene, before Nick Lane’s unique notes kick in, the tempo picks up and there’s a distinct punch from the percussion and bass lines.

Right down to Lane’s guttural screech into the breakdown and the harmonised backing vocals and gang shouts, this is a bold, bolshy and ballsy slab of rock goodness.

Evident are glimmers of the heavier side of former incarnation Death Quit Dancing, yet this is much more progressive from the Cardiff quintet. The guitars are cleaner and the transitions in tempo and style during the three-minute track are smooth and efficient.

This is unquestionably their best work to date under the new moniker, and we’d wager that this single will push them a big step closer to getting the recognition that they rightfully deserve. The odds are in their favour.

Words: Steven Smith

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