Live Review: The Subways – Sin City, Swansea

The Subways w/The Computers and The Dancers
Date: Friday September 30 2011
Venue: Sin City, Swansea
Rating: 7/10

If the permanent smiles etched across their faces were anything to go by, then The Dancers were more than pleased about landing a support slot on this tour. Indeed, the French trio beamed their way through a pop-driven set, which whilst a little on the sickly sweet side, was overlooked by many due to the sheer likeability of the jovial band.

Showing their appreciation in a very different light, The Computers adopted a much more in-your-face approach, with the group’s frontman spending more time in the crowd than on stage. Sharply dressed in matching ensembles, the Exeter punk ‘n’ rollers powered their way through a punter provoking performance, with their scratchy screams and rockabilly riffs sounding significantly slick on ‘Music Is Dead’ and ‘Group Identity’.

With the venue close to capacity and a palpable stench of sweat and anticipation in the air, The Subways set couldn’t come soon enough. Whilst the Hertfordshire headliners only sported an hour-long slot, the trio brilliantly bulldozed their way through 17 songs.

Making their presence known with a rather eerie intro of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s ‘Pure Imagination’, the rising rockers rapidly fired into ‘Oh Yeah’, igniting mass hysteria from the audience.

Followed up by an armful of note-perfect hits including oldies (‘Shake! Shake!’ and ‘Rock & Roll Queen’) and newbies (‘Popdeath’ and ‘We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time’), the three-piece caused crowd chaos, with each tune being better received than the last.

Over as quick as it had started, chants of ‘we want more’ bellowed around the room, which saw the effervescent bunch return for a few more tunes. Aptly-titled ‘It’s A Party’ ended proceedings, with frontman Billy Lunn enticing all in attendance to scream at the top of their lungs.

It might have been their first ever show in Swansea, but judging from the evening’s rapturous response it most definitely won’t be their last.

Words: Kate Rees

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