Tara and Kevin, The New Drovers, 8/3/19

A very intimate performance at the New Drovers in Llanelli. With the lack of a big crowd and a minimal set-up, I was expecting a typical 'cabaret' type performance. I don't mean this in a derogatory way - there are many good cabaret singers, but in certain settings, I expect a certain standard but that expectation was blown completely out of the water by a lady with a breathtaking voice.

A set that included songs by The Carpenters, Billy Joel and Janis Joplin, Tara showcased a voice rich in tone and texture. This does not detract from Kevin in his support role on the synthesiser and backing vocals - he was a great musician but it was clear that Tara's voice had a lasting impact on all those at the performance. In fact, one of the audience said that she was much, much better than any act they had previously had at the venue.

Tara deserves to be heard by much bigger crowds and if she gets the chance, she won't be lucky - the lucky ones will be the people who get to hear this terrific singer.