Hullabaloo & Fighters Foo, Queen’s Hall, Narberth 10/5/19

Hullabaloo (Muse Tribute) & Fighters Foo (Foo Fighters Tribute) – Queens Hall, Narberth 10/5/19

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First off, I want to say – Queens Hall in Narberth, what a great little venue; good sized hall, large raised stage. It’s something of a hidden gem!

Opening the night were Fighters Foo from Bristol and as the name suggests, they were a tribute to Foo Fighters. From the start, their quality was plain to see even if the crowd were somewhat reticent in coming forward until cajoled to do so. Musically pretty flawless as the band went through classic tunes like The Pretender, Everlong, Learning to Fly and, with a tip of the hat to Kurt Cobain, Smells Like Teen Spirit. The set was very well received which is a testament to the talent and passion on show from the Bristol-based band (including a couple of ex-pat Welshmen!). If there was a personal gripe, it was that the volume of the lead guitar seemed a little higher than everything else leading to a slightly unbalanced sound in certain songs. This did not detract from what was a great show though!

The main act were Hullabaloo, a Muse tribute that I first happened upon at Oakwood Theme Park, of all places and who were featured in my gallery a week or so ago from Hangar 18 in Swansea. The band advised me to wait to review until the Narberth show as they would be able to include their multimedia backdrop and they weren’t wrong – they are a great band anyway, but the display added a little something extra to enhance the show. There were a couple of early technical hitches, mainly around vocal levels but these just served to show how keen the band were to be accurate as possible in their performance. With songs from the entire Muse repertoire (and the band are always keen to take requests through Facebook for their upcoming shows) including Sunburn, Muscle Museum, New Born and Supermassive Black Hole, they drew a great response from the audience.

All in all, a fantastic night. Some people turn their noses up at tribute acts but when the actual bands are so often geographically or financially out of reach, they make a more than pleasing alternative especially when they show the talent and passion that both Fighters Foo and Hullabaloo displayed. And judging by the audience response, both bands definitely hit the mark.

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