Fuel Rock Club 30/3/19

King Kraken Feature

This was my first time at Fuel in Cardiff and I loved the venue - a nice bar including Iron Maiden and Motorhead beers and a great little live room and I couldn't have picked a better night to come - three great Welsh bands playing original, high energy rock that made for a really great night of music.

Eulogy kicked things off and this three-piece outfit started strong and kept the energy high. Musically strong with a fabulous vocal range - the energy was infectious and I can't commend their performance highly enough!

King Kraken, dubious holders of the title of being the first band featured on my website here, were up next and they described themselves in my interview with them as being 'huge slabs of monster riffage' and they well and truly proved it with their set. Pumping guitars and thumping drums accompanied a massive voice. Well done boys.

Who Knows Didley were the last band on the night and in keeping with the other two bands, the energy stayed high throughout. Again, in common with King Kraken and Eulogy, the band were musically strong and it really was a privilege to see these guys throwing out a sweaty, high energy set of pounding hard rock.

Overall, it was a great night as three Welsh bands set a ridiculously high standard for live rock music. Keep an eye out for all three bands on the touring scene as any trip to see any of them will be money well spent. The only disappointment on such an amazing night of original rock was that there were so few fans there to see them. I don't know where Welsh rock fans are hiding these days, but unless they start supporting live music I fear nights like this may not be around for much longer.

The photos from the night are in the galleries below, separated by band.