Album Review: Danny Draycott – Flaws & Grace


I will be honest – I’ve known Danny for several years and knew he was in the process of putting an album together. So when he asked me to review it, of course I said yes; but one question kept repeating in my head: ‘What if it’s crap?’. I needn’t have worried because Draycott has crafted an album of remarkable lyrical and musical maturity.


With a current trend for young singer-songwriters, it could perhaps be easy to lump this in the ‘same old, same old’ category but this is a collection of songs worthy of elevation from the pack – which is all the more remarkable when you consider that this is a self-produced debut album made with limited resources.


Draycott’s ability to write lyrics with meaning, sung with feeling and a musical know-how combine synergistically to take these songs beyond mere poems set to music. From the soul-searching of ‘Attention to Detail’ to the aching but soaring stuckness of ‘Circles’ via the life-changing nature of childbirth in ‘Isla Rae’ (which comes with a magical seal of approval), there is enough here to showcase Draycott’s unquestionable abilities.


Are there negatives? Yes, but I would be nitpicking for the sake of wanting to be critical. Maybe there are some tweaks and adjustments that could elevate the album still further but in the context of an album made with limited resources it is astonishing that Draycott has produced an album of this quality at all. With the right support, which he richly deserves, I have no doubt that Draycott could elevate his music as he evolves as an artist.


Overall, I absolutely love this record and highly recommend it. I only hope that it reaches the right ears to act as a platform to the greater things his talent clearly deserves.

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