Introducing… Milestone

“To crack the music industry in this day and age is mission impossible, but if we work hard we have the tools for the job,” declares Milestone bassist Adam Pain.

A determined and driven statement, Adam and his fellow bandmates, rounded off by Jack Howells (vocals/guitar), Kris Archer (guitar) and Lewis Pilling (drums), have certainly adopted the adequate ethos and approach to acquire such achievements.

After all, Milestone was established due to a love of studying and playing music, with all members having completed a three-year music course together at Bridgend College.

Formed in February 2012, the local quartet, who initially played classic rock covers, offer listeners ‘a combination of modern alternative rock with the roots of vintage rock ‘n’ roll’.

As for musical influences, vocalist Jack reveals that the group are inspired by: ‘The Black Keys, Jack White, Band of Skulls, Mona, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix’.

Whilst Americana artists might be at the heart of their sound, the four-piece are very much encouraged by the local music scene.

“We come from an area of South Wales with great musical pedigree and tradition,” enthuses Adam.

But the lads are confident that they can contribute something new to the area too: “We don’t think Wales has heard anything like us before, especially around Bridgend where metal bands outweigh any other genre.

“We do feel we have something different to offer,” the bassist adds.

The two demos Milestone have released have certainly been applauded. Guitarist Kris explains: “The tracks have been really well received, ‘Showtime!’ in particular, which was picked up by Adam Walton from BBC Radio Wales who played it on his show.

“We’ve also been told that the chorus riff from ‘She’s So lonely’ is one that gets stuck in your head, so we are happy with that.

“Everybody loves a catchy chorus,” he chirps.

Keen to keep moving, Milestone are currently making their mark on the live circuit, but have hopes to record later this year.

“We currently have eight songs in our set excluding a few fun covers that we like to play, but we are constantly jamming ideas and little riffs so there is always new material in the pipeline,” says drummer Lewis.

As for the band’s focus for the foreseeable future, Lewis reveals: “Our plans are to continue playing gigs, locally and as far afield as possible, seeking all the exposure we can get.

“We love performing, and if we can make a living from that; well that’s just a dream we all share.”

Encouraging, enthusiastic and ambitious, they conclude: “We believe in our music, in our ability and believe we can make Milestone a success.

We just need the opportunities to show what we can do and for people to share our belief.”

For more information about Milestone, please visit their Facebook.

Words: Kate Rees

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