I was a music journalist for over a decade in Nottingham and music is my biggest passion so I'll have favourite artists, interviews, reviews, venue info and whatnot here

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Since returning to Llanelli in 2016, I've developed a passion for photography and some of my favourite images are here

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This is where I wax lyrical, rant and basically free whatever flotsam is in my head at a given time. If I do rant, I will endeavour to make it entertaining!

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Hello You!

When I came back to Wales in 2016, I was keen to build on my love of music and photography and this site has grown out of that. I can talk about music and look at photos all day, but it became clear that mental health had to feature as I need a 'safe space' to vent and open up and if that helps others do the same, then that's a great thing. While I was doing my journalism, I covered some comedy and theatre and I've also started seeing LOADS of films, so that's why I have the Entertainment section. I'm hoping the site will evolve and be fluid and that will be in response to comments and suggestions from you.


Next Steps...

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